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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats

Type in all these cheats while playing in game. it is advised you do not save with cheats enabled.

GTA III Cheats

We have collected some of the best Saints Row 3 cheats to capture your fame, use fully upgraded weapons, powerful vehicles, and almost invincible characters to survive enemy attacks.

Saints Row is a strange open world gear simulator that uses famous bands to track how many enemy gangs or police are trying to kill you. The higher the bar, the more Chaingun cars with luchadores or police helicopters are sent to drop you.

For several known reasons, the Saints Row franchise forces players to control Third Street Saints when they begin to conquer their hometown in Stillwater. In this latest edition, Saints Row 3, Saints are thrown into a new metropolis with a Gangbang called Steelport. And there is no better way to start the introduction than the ancient bustle! Waddy?

It is important to note that all Saints Row 3 cheats work for PCs, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They open random locks, disconnect, turn them off, and automatically save them when activated. So please save your game in advance and have fun!

Entering Cheats into Saints Row 3

To enter a Saints Row 3 Cheat open up your personal phone through the select button on the Xbox and PlayStation or use the tab button on PC.

Step 1: From your in-game PDA navigate to and select the Extras button. Seen here in the bottom right corner:

Step 2: Choose Cheats on the sub-menu.

Step 3: Choose Add Cheat.

Step 4: Enter the code you wish to use. For this example, we chose cheese to instantly receive $100,000.

Step 5: This last photo shows what could be your list of cheats after following this guide.

Now that you know how to enter cheats we have organized our favorites into 6 categories below.

Neighbors Cheats

To start our anger, use one of the following cheats to give the streets some style or chaos! Personally, I prefer zombies. After we change our Stillwater residents, change their animation after death! Do you want a bloody explosion? Use Spotted to cause a body explosion when it dies! Or, if you want something brighter, insert a hole to push all the bodies into their heavenly home.

Cheat Code Effect
dui Drunk Pedestrians
hohoho Pedestrians become Pimps and Prostitutes
mascot Pedestrians become Mascots
brains Pedestrians become Zombies
notrated People Explode upon Death
fryhole Corpses Float to Heaven

Weather Cheats

If the weather isn’t to your liking use any of the following cheats to match your ideal day:

Cheat Code Effect
clearskies Sunny weather
overcast Cloudy weather
lightrain Rainy weather
heavyrain Very Stormy weather

Prepare Your Saint Cheats

This step involves the weapons, vehicles or upgrades needed to survive the intense challenge of high notoriety.

First, let’s use the Saints Row 3 infinite ammo and unlocking all weapons cheat with letsrock. Be sure to visit an armory or hideout to change your weapons.

Next we need money to upgrade these weapons. Enter and spam the cheese cheat to get $100,000 until you can afford a maxed out weapon list.

whatitmeanstome is the Saints Row 3 Respect cheat. In this game franchise, respect is your characters experience. Higher respect unlocks useful higher level character skills. Understand that this Saints Row 3 Cheat allows the option to never take damage if activated 10 to 20 times.

If ranking up your character to near superman levels wasn’t enough, use goldengun to give your character one hit kills!

Cheat Code Effect
letsrock Infinite Ammo and Unlock All Weapons
cheese Gain $100,000
whatitmeanstome Gain Respect
goldengun One-hit Kills

If these cheats made you interested in Saints Row 3, it is available for purchase at Amazon.