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San Andreas Review & Download

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is not the first game with good villain motives. There are hundreds of titles like that. But what's the difference if the theme is so impressive in this game that was developed and released by Rockstar Games Studio? Platforms: PC, XBOX, X360, PS2, PS3, PS4 AND, iOS, WP.

GTA San Andreas

The good, the evil and not necessarily ugly

The player's attitude towards Carl Johnson, the game's protagonist, is not based on what he did then, but on what had happened to him before. It's not difficult to place yourself in someone who doesn't have to have a "clean" incentive to escape from his home in Los Santos. Most importantly, after a few years, the character must return to a completely different city and the death of a loved one deepens the drama.

Truth or fiction?

Of course, in games like GTA San Andreas checking the main character (and the game itself) can't be very serious. No wonder, because the game climate is not too serious and the scene where local thugs escape from BMX intensifies the effect. Every black humor fan finds something for himself. There's no point in hiding it, GTA San Andreas is a game where even death has strange and funny expressions.

Murderous Sims with a dose of black humor

As you can easily guess, a check on a game like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas must also apply to the main character. Especially because GTA offers a variety of applications in this regard. Carl Johnson, who is in the game, can change his attitude and is a rather small person at the beginning of the game. The food is very important here. If the player repeatedly uses the same bait, the character can lose strength and productivity. CJ also shouldn't be excessive. Too much oily food makes it oily. Obviously this will cause a decrease in fitness.

We can risk that GTA San Andreas is similar to Sims. Here we have a character whose interaction with the environment is not limited to murder, theft, and others. Carl Johnson must also eat well and dress properly. And it turns out these two aspects are the most important in the game.

Nervous people in hard times

Every attentive player will immediately connect the world represented by California from the 90s. Gang wars, police, who (usually) don't intervene, and rap are everywhere just a few elements of the world represented. On the other hand, we are dealing with very complex features of certain characters which, to say the least, can be described as very nervous.

How else can we explain the situation where a weapon is used (even automatically) faster than boxing in a fight? Sometimes a few irresponsible words are enough to change our character from a game hunter who must know the topography of the city well to escape from potential enemies. Let's not hide it: Carl Johnson in this case is just a small wheel in a big gangster machine in town. Even reaching the top, which is our goal, does not guarantee safety. Falling from a height like that can be as painful as a few deadly shots. Literally and metaphorically ...

Back to reality

In advanced games such as GTA San Andreas, reviews should not only refer to the gameplay itself or the characters shown, but also to the release date. In this case, GTA is one of the most complex productions.

Here are the premiere dates for particular platforms it has been released for:

  • October 25th 2004: PS 2
  • June 7th 2005: PC, Xbox
  • December 12th: iOS
  • December 20th 2013: Android
  • January 27th 2014: Windows Phone
  • October 26th 2014: X360
  • December 4th 2015: PS3
  • December 5th 2015: PS4

To put in one word, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the game that has the most premieres, in installments for different operating systems and hardware platforms. Despite its simplicity (there’s no need to hide it, it’s a production from 2005), it belongs to the most popular games in the genre.

Technical requirements

  • Processor – Pentium 4 1.4 GHz,
  • RAM – 384 MB,
  • Video card – 128 MB (GeForce 3 or better),
  • Free space on disk – 4.7 GB HDD

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